Credit Card Security 

Nowadays, Credit cards are frequently used cards because of their tempting offers, rewards, and cash backs. Which is one of the sole reasons for card trickery. You should handle it with care to avoid such adversities. Here are some of the tricks and tips that you can use while using the card. 

Change password frequently

When you use your card frequently, it’s quite natural that you’re going to catch the eye of a cheat. Make sure to change your password so that he can’t get you in his paws. 

Keep your card with yourself

Make sure that you don’t mishandle the card. Don’t share the information with any untrustworthy friend. I’ll suggest that you don’t lend him your card if you don’t know him well. Remember that maximum cheats are our acquaintance.

Don’t share your card information on untrustworthy sites

Nowadays, as the number of provisions of the company increases, the cases of fraud increase in society. Every day some people find illegal ways to steal money from people. We should be very alert about these techniques. If you are smelling something off, immediately block the site and log out from it.

Verify immediately for security alert

Some sit down to bankrupt you. The first step is to change your password. You would get a security alert. In such cases block the user immediately.

Always give a strong password

It is really important to use a strong password that includes special symbols and a combination of upper and lower case alphabet. These passwords are really hard to guess and henceforth your account will be much safer.

Don’t share your password

Make a habit of not sharing your personal data like birth date, pins, and so on. If you ever get an SMS from an unknown number,  ending with one of your friend’s names, don’t hesitate to call your friend and confirm immediately.

File a report immediately if your card is stolen or lost

Remember to take quick action as soon as you spot your missing card. Report it to your bank or police station to freeze it before any misuse. 

Use your card with little awareness so that you can avoid such mishaps and can only experience the advantages of the card. Use Elan Credit Card and manage your services at Myaccountaccess.

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