What is a Credit Card? 

Do you want to know how people do e-payments?  How could they shop without using any cash? Then you are in the right place. I will try to clear all your doubts right here.

Many of us don’t know the actual meaning of credit cards. In reality, we hear so many things and assume them to be such, without having a clear idea regarding that. This practice should not be followed because assumption can lead you to the wrong way which you shouldn’t have gone through, had you known the true meaning. 

Let me ask you if you know what the meaning of credit is. I am sure you don’t have a clear idea of that. Actually, credit means borrowing money from someone or something in your need. In return, for lending you the privilege they will charge some interest.

Okay, you understood the meaning of credit. And you might be thinking, what is a credit card? You may have seen a rectangular small cardboard card, with a card number and some details. Often seen, people using it for paying the bills in shopping malls. It is known as a credit card. 

Now I know your next question. What is so attractive about credit cards, why should I use them? Right? Of course, I will tell you why you should have a credit card. 

First, lemme tell you that a credit card is not only used to pay off your bill but also to increase your credit score. If you ever want to take any loan from a bank, then the person with a credit card payment history may get a comparatively less interest rate than someone with bad credit card payment history or no history at all. 

Other than this, credit cards give you exciting rewards and cashback. Get a free foreign transaction fee. Moreover, get full support from the customer support of the company against card fraud cases. There are many more offers for every type of card. 

You should keep at least one or two credit cards these days because it will help you in the future regarding loan sanctions. Make sure that credit card purchases allow for the balance to be paid off within a reasonable time frame. Get your Elan Credit Card and manage it on the Myaccountaccess portal.

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