Eligibility to get Credit Card (USA) 

A credit card is one of the most useful means to keep track of your chase flow. Should we only use credit cards for paying the bills for our purchases? Of course not! You can’t even imagine how much a card can save your money all-around a year.

Who doesn’t want to acquire those offers and receive astonishing points, rewards, and cash backs! I am sure you are not an exception.

Do you know the minimum requirements for having a credit card? Of course, there are some criteria, else everyone would have enjoyed the tempting deals. You should not miss out on the points otherwise you would be in the crew who can’t have a credit card. 

Here are some criteria, and of course a bonus point at the end. 

The first criteria are the source of income

If you want to have a credit card, you require a humble salary income every month. Then apply for the card and get the approval right away.

The second criteria are to have a working Social number

This number is required for security purposes. Now everyone has a Social number for personal needs as well, so that is not a problem. 

Third criterion, citizenship

If you are a migrant you may not get a credit card immediately. Non-citizens are not likely to be able to get a credit card. Nevertheless, gaining citizenship isn’t a difficult task in the USA. Have citizenship, and get a credit card immediately. 

Fourth criteria, at least 21 age

You have to reach at least the 21st age to apply for a credit card. This is the minimum age to avoid misuse in a teen’s hands. Pie! Then do we have to sit and wait until the 21st age?  Of course not. Keep going to the bonus point. 


What if you didn’t reach your 20s and want a  credit card? I have a solution! You have to talk to your parents and request their permission. Or you can show a valid income source to the service provider to have a credit card. 

These were the criteria I should mention. Make sure to use your credit card details safely to avoid fraud cases. Manage your credit cards on secure platforms like myaccountaccess.


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