Frequently Asked Questions

Login related FAQs:

Where to enter my password?

  • You must enter your password on a separate screen than your personal identity as part of the increased security of our registration process. After entering your personal ID and clicking the Next button you will receive your password.


Password getting rejected

  • Case-sensitive passwords. Passwords have a length of 8 to 24 characters with one or more alpha characters and at least one special or numeric character. You cannot include spaces, three of your e-mail addresses or passwords in a row. Please ensure that your password is in accordance with these criteria.


What is ID shield and what is its purpose?

  • ID Shield is a security feature used to assist us in recognising you when you log in to view the details of your credit card and in recognising your credit card access online. You are to choose three (3) security questions that we may need you to answer when you log in when you set up ID Shield. That’s how we check. You will also select an image or sound ID Shield and associate a word or phrase for that image which is shown when you connect. You know that entering your password is safe and you have access to your credit card account when you see this ID Shield image/sound and phrase.


What if I have forgotten my ID shields predefined questions answers and give wrong input?

  • If your answer to your pre-defined ID Shield question does not match what you previously entered when you originally selected this question, you will not be granted access to the site. If you answer incorrectly, we may lock your Personal ID, and you will not be able to access your online credit card information until you complete a self unlock of your account or contact us at 877-334-0460.


You will be presented with an option to do an online ID verification process in case you have forgotten the answers and then set up a new bunch of questions and answers.


How to change my ID Shield choices?

  • When you have registered you can change questions and answers to your ID Shield or at any time verify your ID Shield image and phrase by going to the Cardmember Service section. The “View or Change Shield Settings or Questions” area of the Account Profile can be selected, and the “Shield Image/Sound and Phrase” selection may be made.


Is there a fee for using or setting up ID Shield?

  • No, they don’t charge any fee for setting up ID shield. It is free to use.


Some Other FAQs:

What does Scoreboard allow me to do? 

  • The scoreBoard is designed to help you decide your expenses and see trends in the patterns of expenditure on credit cards.


How often can I monitor my spending?

  • You can check card expenditure every month, every quarter, every year or until date.


What is phishing?

  • Numerous recipients are sent to the bank or retailer by e-mail messages. In such cases, the thieves don’t expect all recipients to relate to the company, but instead target a smaller percentage of people that do and “click” through the links in the email to verify their personally identifiable information to express their concern about the message.


How do I recognize fake emails?

  • To do this, emails have to be convincing – and they do. In order to help you understand phishing, remember to use copied logos and style to make fake mails: seem from legitimate banks, banks or retailers.

To collect your personal information, use fake websites or pop-up windows. May include links to actual websites to persuade you that email is legitimate.

Request information such as account numbers, personal identities, passwords, card numbers and PINs for confidential purposes.

To generate an immediate response from the recipient, use upsetting or alarming statements.


Is there an app for Myaccountaccess com?

  • Yes, there is an app for You can install it on your device through app store or play store.


How can I pay my credit card bill online?

  • You can use the elan credit card app to make card bill payments via your phone. You can also do it from your laptop or pc by logging into the Myaccountaccess portal.


How do I activate my Elan credit card?

  • To activate your elan credit card you will need to visit and then click on the enroll option there. Now you will just need to register and activate your credit card in the application.


Is MyAccountAccess Login secure to use?

  • Yes, it is absolutely secure to use andone of the best. So, you don’t need to worry about anything.  


Is it possible to add more than one credit card?

  • Yes, Users are allowed to add multiple cards and track all related information about each added card. 


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